4 week pitching course at home

4 week, at home, pitching course, easy step by step course to fix your pitching once and for all


This 4 week pitching course includes:

Week 1 Pitching basics and how to practise them properly

Week 2 What clubs should I use where and why?

Week 3 How to judge the distance to get the ball close to the hole more consistently. Includes longer range pitching, 40, 50, 60 metres.

Week 4 Difficult lies, no grass, too much grass, wet, dry, slopey?

Bonus section. The 4 most common mistakes people make with pitching and how to make sure you don’t do them.

Bonus 2 : Full video support, send me a video of your progress as often as you like

Bonus 3 Private facebook page just for students in this course


Go at your own pace, we will hold your hand all the way.

You will receive all the videos at once so you can watch them all or take your time and go through them step by step as recommended…its all set out in an easy to follow, step by step, structured way.

We recommend that you spend the first week on the basics and we show you how to practise that, and suggest you video yourself and send it through at this time but you can take more time or less, depending on your own circumstances.

Anne is there with you all the way through to answer and questions and critique your progress via your videos, the private Facebook page and emails.

Instant access via an email link.


Do you struggle to lift the ball up onto the green consistently?

Tired of the ball running over the back or duffing right in front of you?

Or you just want some consistency and to get the ball closer to the hole each time.

If you are at home a lot at this time, what a great way to spend it.

Practise at home OR at your club if available, lets do this together, improve your pitching once and for all!!


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