NEW 4 Week Mental Game Changer - Fix My Golf Swing

NEW 4 Week Mental Game Changer


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Are you a Greville Grumpy when you play golf?

Would you love to be able to use the same mental techniques the pros do to stay so cool and calm when they play?

If you know that your attitude and temperament on the golf course is costing you shots, then this is the course for you. Developed by a European Tour winning Golf Professional with 22 tournament wins and a record breaking 9 under par score of 63 in the Italian Open. Anne Rollo will show you the tricks to staying positive on the golf course, how you can make sure you finish off a good round and how the pros maintain calm and play their best.

These well kept secrets are easy to apply and available for you to use too, through this course easy to follow, step by step course.

Hi Anne.
Its been a couple of months since I downloaded your course and I wanted to share some results with you.
Briefly, I've had some stellar rounds recently, dropped a couple of strokes. 
The thing I wanted to share with you is that by changing my approach from anger and frustration to one of acceptance, patience and joy, it's inevitably lead to other stuff.  The first is that I'm much more relaxed when taking a swing.  By being relaxed, I'm paying far more attention to my balance, and that is leading to more power and by trusting my body and not thinking about the outcome, the shots are generally in the right direction.  I'm hitting Par 5 greens in 3 strokes for the first time ever.
I'm very excited by this, I'm sure it's something you're well aware of, but I wanted to give you the feedback about just how much difference it's made to me.  Now, if only I could master chips....
Kind regards


Hi Anne
Put the no hero, visualisation and pre shot into my game today and dropped .6

Regards. Jane Bergman

You can do the whole course in one rainy afternoon, or take it step by step as suggested

Week 1:

Attitude and how it affects your scores and some tricks to quickly change yours to give you your best results.

Week 2:

Visualisation and how to do it. Its easier than you think.

Week 3:

Pre-shot routine and how it allows you to block out distractions and get into the 'zone' of confidence

Week 4:

Putting it together to play your best possible round.

BONUS videos:

Pre Game audio to listen to in the car on the way to golf to get you into the best mindset to play well

Actual words to say to yourself on the course to turn a bad game around.

Positive affirmations you can use when playing to instantly adjust your mood to play better

First Tee Nerves technique to overcome

Actual Pre-Shot routines the pros use and you can copy.

Real examples from the tour of how the mental game was the edge needed to win.


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