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Exclusive members-only training videos

Receive a new video tip each Wednesday and full access to the library for help anytime you need it. (These include fresh and archived video tips and lessons. They’re not available anywhere else, but you get 24/7 access to every one of them.)

Discounts to major golf retailers

Discounts to major golf retailers including Squizzys Golf (5% off anything on the site and 10% off for orders over $200). Loudmouth Golf Gear (20% off anything on the site), Sandbaggers Ladies Golf Shoes (10% off any shoes), Get Real Golf Stats App, and this list is growing all the time.
10% off anything in the proshop at website. Use code ARG10


Send me your golf swing videos, front and back and I will analyse them and get back to you within a few days...included FREE with your membership.
Discounts to Anne Rollo Golf lessons and online purchases, 10% off anything you buy online from the Anne Rollo Golf Pro Shop including DVD's. My Passport To Great Golf Book, Golf Gear, Golf ankle marker bracelet and lots more.

Printable Cheat Sheets

Printable Cheat Sheets for each new video tip to take onto the course with you every week.

Golf Therapy Thursdays

Anne Interviews the experts every second Thursday plus tips from Anne and other golf pros and golf experts that are not necessarily instructional like the mental side of the game (Tracy Tresidder right), golf fitness and nutrition as well as how to get the right set of clubs for you. Plus interviews with golfers just like you that may have improved really quickly or done something that you can learn from that has really helped their game. These video's create a library you can refer to at anytime you need a mental pep up, some courage for a big game the next day or some tips on how to warm up or avoid injury and lots lots more.

But that's not all - there's still more to get excited about! You Will ALSO Receive

1. Special Members-Only Facebook Page. Meet on the Private Green Room Facebook page and chat about your golfing experiences, learn from each other and from Anne as well as find out about any Green Room golf days and get togethers and special events happening in your area. This is where you can meet the experts and get extra tips and advice on the mental side of the game, golf fitness, how to avoid injuries and much more.

2. First Notification of our Anne Rollo Golf Schools, Trips and Events and much more... These fill up every year but Green Room members will get first notification. (This year we had a trip fill with Green Room members before sending it out to the wider golfing community so they didnt even get to hear

3. Monthly Prize Draw of a $150 Vanity Farirways Voucher to spend on golf items of your choice.

4. NEW WHAT DRILL DO I NEED FOR THAT?' Access to the new DRILL DOWN PAGE. What drill do I need for that? If you are topping the ball look up the reason why and what drill to use to fix it, are you slicing, or can't get out of the bunker, I have the reason and a drill for the symptoms, this library of drills is accessible at all times for members.

5. NEW PRACTISE PROGRAMS: Practising can be boring so I have come up with half an hour and one hour practice programs for chipping , pitching ,putting and bunkers with part technique and part skill testing to make practising fun, printable to take with you and all free with your Green Room Membership

6. EASY TO CANCEL 'We get it'
We understand that you wonder how easy it will be to cancel if you want to and you worry that you will be stuck paying for something you cannot get out of, well not with us, we will even give you our direct mobile numbers in case you have any issues whatsoever.


What our students are saying

  • Di Bowen
    Just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I joined your Green Room. I’d looked forward before to your emails on a Wednesday as I always found them helpful but now that you have the video tips and Therapy Thursday, everything is so much better. I think the videos are excellent and I can watch any of them over and over again – it’s so much easier to see what you mean when everything is right there in front of you. Anyway, congratulations to you on everything so far and I’m looking forward to each and every week.
    Di Bowen
    Joined the Green Room May 2014
  • Linda Hayes
    I am really enjoying the green room and have got heaps out of it with all the weekly video tips and advice. Thanks so much for the great service you provide. There's really nothing to compare with what you put out. I always recommend you to other golfers and you really have a huge following out there. Thanks again for all your help
    Linda Hayes
    Member since May 2014
  • Kathryn Macdonald
    I love to have the Green Room as my 'go to' place, especially when I'm having a glum period of golf. It helps to rejig my enthusiasm and there is ALWAYS something new to learn (or to re learn!). Why is it so difficult to retain what we've been taught? It's such a great bunch of people who comment and lovely to meet from time to time. But Anne it's you, and everything you do here, that makes it work so brilliantly. Your calm good humour and kind, professional encouragement makes it such a special little club. Thank you Anne
    Kathryn Macdonald
    Member since May 2014
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