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  • Laurence Temple
    Hi Anne, I purchased your “Passport…” for my wife Joy. We both have gained so much from it. The purpose of this note is to thank you in particular for your weekly ‘Hints and Tips”. It’s the first email I open and each one makes so much sense.
    Laurence Temple
  • Kathy
    Hi Anne, Have just come home from practise range, armed with “Passport Bible” and a few of your great tips! and guess what ? it worked. Really liked the one where you place a towel behind the ball found I good hit down much better, instead of scooping (I remember you really hate that!) Shall try to get to the range at least weekly, and if no great improvement, will have to tee up a session with you, thanks heaps for your e-mails I get a lot out of them, at this stage its remembering them thats the hard part? see you Anne and thanks again.
  • Kyoko
    Hi Anne, I had a great game today scoring 42 points (my lowest gross of 83 in my life!!) Since I started taking your lessons regularly one and half year ago, I dropped my handy cap from 27 to 16. Thank you so much for “Fixing My Golf Swing”.