NEW 4 Week Pitching Course - Fix My Golf Swing

Welcome to the Anne Rollo Golf 4 week pitching course

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How to use this course

Week 1 videos: Basic technique

How to set up

Basic technique

How to practise week 1

What to do after week 1:

After you have practised the V to Y technique and you have sent me your video and you feel comfortable with the technique next its time to try out the different clubs with the same technique.

Watch week 2's videos and get out onto your practise green or at home and use the same technique but with different clubs and see what happens.

Build some confidence with the technique on the different clubs.

Week 2 videos: Choosing clubs and judging distances

Which clubs to use for pitching?

How to judge distances

Notes on the chip and run shot

What to do after week 2:

Once you have watched all the videos from week 2 spend some time pracitising with the different clubs either around the green or at home until you feel that you can use your new technique confidently on all the wedges and the chip and run shot too. Notice how applying the same technique to the different clubs produces a different flight and roll.

Now watch Week 3's videos and start with working out the distance you hit your pitching wedge with a full swing then work out your distance control cheat chart and fill it in with your own distances.

Week 3 videos: Longer pitches Judging the distance

Longer pitches and how to judge distances

Your personalised distance control cheat chart

Your personal, printable copy of the distance chart to fill in your own distances.

What to do after week 3:

By now you should have had a chance to do some practise on the longer pitches either at the range or at your club. The best way to practise this mid and longer range pitching is to play nine holes and throw a couple of balls down in the mid range distance on each hole. (Between 30 metres and 80 metres lets say) So at a distance of between your full swing and your half swing (this depends how far you hit the ball) throw some balls down and go through the procedure we talked about with your cheat chart until you feel confident that you know what to do at any distance and any flag position.

Email me or ask a question in the facebook page if you are not sure about anything.

Now watch Week 4's videos and so that you can apply your good technique to all the difficult and awkward lies that will come up.

Week 4 Videos: Awkward and difficult lies

How to play bare lies

How to play off muddy lies

How to pitch from the rough or deep grass

How to pitch over a bunker

How to pitch from a downhill lie

What to do after week 4:

Now we are going to put it all together and get out onto the course to practise and this is how you will do it:

Play a 9 hole practise round with 2 balls.
Play the hole from the beginning as you normally would but as you approach the green stop at around 60 metres and throw a ball down and go through your cheat chart to determine which club and what length swing you need.

Then move forward to 40 metres and go through the same process choosing a different club if need be.

Then pick one of your wedges and go forward and pick up the balls and play them around the green choosing shots that are appropriate for that club. If its a gap wedge choose a 50/50 small pitch shot.

On the next hole do the same thing but this time choose a 70 metre shot and a 50 metre shot for your mid range pitches and go through your cheat chart again so you know what to do. Then pick up the balls and this hole use a sand wedge and practise your pitching closer to the green choosing shots that are more carry and less roll. (60/40)

Continue your 9 holes playing 2 mid range shots in different places and then one of your wedges or chip and run shot closer to the green. Let the people behind you through if you want to so that you can take your time.

Also try some shots from the awkward lies...bare lies, muddy lies if you can find any and heavy rough. This is the perfect time to play these shots so that you have experience with them next time you are under pressure.

Do this 9 hole practise session a couple of times per week for a month and your pitching will be transformed.

Bonus section: Most common mistakes

Common mistake No.1

Common mistake no.2

Common mistake no.3

Common mistake no.4

Course wrap up