NEW 4 Week Mental Game Changer - Fix My Golf Swing

Welcome to the Anne Rollo Golf 4 Week Mental Game Changer Course

Thanks for purchasing the 4 week Mental Game Changer Course and welcome:

Please have an open mind to these concepts especially if you have never really thought about the mind and how it relates to your golf before.

You can do the entire course at once or you can follow along week by week using the suggested course structure, its up to you. Lets get started by watching the introduction video.

Introduction: What to expect and how to use this course

Week 1 videos: ATTITUDE

How is your attitude affecting your golf

Dealing with adversity and distractions

Ego and how it affects your game

Are you a control freak?

Tools and homework for week 1

Week 2 videos: VISUALISATION

What is visualisation and how does it work?

What is Recall?

Tools and Homework for week 2

Week 3 videos: PRE-SHOT ROUTINE

Why do I need a pre-shot routine?

What is the zone?

Tools and homework for week 3


How to stay in the moment

How to switch on and off.

Commit fully to each shot.

Conservative Strategy / Positive Play. One of my favourite tips.


Positive Affirmations to use on the course

Full step by step to create your own Pre Shot Routine

AUDIO: Listen in the car on the way to golf. Pre Game Prep

PGA Pros Quirky Pre-Shot Routines

AUDIO: Night Before Imagination Exercise

First Tee Nerves Technique

Actual phrases to turn a poor game around

Sample pre shot routine for putting

Course wrap up

Real Tour Example: Guernsey Open

Course Wrap Up

Thanks for watching and good luck with your games, Anne



Annes Passport to Great Golf Golf Tips Book to take onto the course with you.

Buy Here

Make Every Putt by Joseph Parent 

Great book on changing your mental approach to putting. Examples with Jack Niklaus and one of the best books to give yourself the freedom to putt with the right mentality.

Available on Amazon: 

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Doctor Robert Rotella

Detailed information regarding the great Dr. Rotella’s experience in coaching players into playing their best through an improvement of mental attitude. SImple and straightforward, Rotella is a believer in simple steps to getting better.

Book Depository: 

Golf Mind Play by Tracy Tresidder.

This is a great book along similar lines to this course with loads of practical and easy to follow tips to improve your mental game. Also available for matchplay.