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Visualise Before the Round

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The following procedure is how many of the pros on tour prepare each evening before they play. Why not try it for yourself ? The night before your round sit down on your own somewhere quiet.

Close your eyes and in your minds eye start to imagine yourself getting ready for your round of golf, you can go as far back as getting out of bed in the morning if you want or getting out of the car and putting your shoes on will do.

Imagine you are relaxed, happy, confident and taking your time. You are feeling good and looking forward to your round.

Imagine everything you do leading up to your round, going exactly as you would like, you are totally in control and stress free,

Imagine teeing off from the first tee and feeling totally relaxed and happy.

Visualise a beautiful shot flying down the fairway, imagine accepting the compliments from your playing partners and walking confidently and comfortably down the fairway, go through your entire round playing the type of golf you would like to play, playing the best round you have ever played, imagining every shot going exactly how you would like it to, work your way through the round shot by shot.

It will take a little while but see how you go, its almost like pre-programming your mind to create the type of round you would like, it actually works, try it.... Let me know how you go, Anne.

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