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4 week 'At home/Online' pitching course

Are you sick of poor chipping and pitching costing you too many shots?

  • Are you tired of the ball running over the back of the green or duffing right in front of you?

  • Or you can't get the ball onto the green consistently, let alone get the ball close to the hole?

  • Does the thought of pitching over a bunker terrify you?

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Fix your pitching once and for all with, Tour winning golf professional, Anne Rollos 4 week at home /online pitching course.

Follow along with Anne in this easy step by step course, reduce your scores the easy way and make chipping and pitching an area of the game that you love

This 4 week pitching course includes:

Week 1 Pitching basics and how to practise them properly.

Week 2 What clubs should I use where and why?

Week 3 How to judge the distance to get the ball close to the hole more consistently. Includes longer range pitching, 40, 50, 60 metres.

Week 4 Difficult lies, no grass, too much grass, wet, dry, slopey?

Bonus section. The 4 most common mistakes people make with pitching and how to make sure you don’t do them.

Bonus 2 : Full video support, send me a video of your progress for a full voiceover critique as often as you like. Click here to Watch an example of how this works.

Bonus 3 Private facebook page just for students in this course

Anne Rollo has 22 professional tournament wins worldwide, including the 1990 TEC European Players Championship in England, was named a collegiate All American and has taught golf for over 25 years.

You receive unlimited personalised analysis of your pitching swing. Watch an example of Anne doing a voiceover of a students pitching technique, Cick the video above.

Go at your own pace, we will hold your hand all the way. You will receive all the videos at once so you can watch them all or take your time and go through them step by step as recommended…its all set out in an easy to follow, step by step, structured way.

What people are saying about the course

  • Linda B
    "Hi Anne, I have watched a lot of youtube videos over the years, but it is hard to find exactly the information I need. This course is so well structured and easy to follow. The chart on how to judge distance with the longer pitches is worth the price alone. It makes knowing what club to choose so much easier. Heading out to do some practise now. Thanks Anne Linda B
    Linda B
  • Shirley
    "Hi Anne, Thank you so much for your feedback on the first pitching videos I sent you. Your comments were really helpful!  I have now attached two more videos, where my swing is a lot shorter and I am concentrating on the V and the Y. I am also trying to turn my shoulders a bit more and have the weight on my left foot.   It's amazing how much a video can help with your game! I haven't done this before and am really enjoying the course." Shirley

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