Since all recurring charges are associated with a PayPal Subscription; and every PayPal Subscription is associated with a PayPal Account; you will have a PayPal Account of your own, which is tied to your Membership. So... as Member you can simply log into your own PayPal account and cancel your Subscription(s) with you at anytime, all on your own. However, some Customers do not realize this. So, if you would like to make it clearer (easier) for Members to cancel your own Subscription(s), we can provide this Cancellation Button below for you to access. Note... you don't have to use this Cancellation Button at all, if you don't want to. It's completely optional.

*Cancellation Process*. A Member clicks the Cancellation Button. PayPal asks them to log into your PayPal account. Once they're logged in, PayPal will display a list of all active Subscriptions they have with you. They choose which ones they want to cancel, and FixMyGolfSwing is notified silently behind-the-scene, through the PayPal IPN service.

*Understanding Cancellations* It's important to realize that a Cancellation is not an EOT (End Of Term). All that happens during a Cancellation event, is that billing is stopped, and it's understood that the Customer is going to lose access, at some point in the future. This does NOT mean, that access will be revoked immediately. A separate EOT event will automatically handle a (demotion or deletion) later, at the appropriate time; which could be several days, or even a year after the Cancellation took place.

*Some Hairy Details* There might be times whenever you notice that a Member's Subscription has been cancelled through PayPal... but, FixMyGolfSwing continues allowing the User access to your site as a paid Member. Please don't be confused by this... in 99.9% of these cases, the reason for this is legitimate. FixMyGolfSwing will only remove the User's Membership privileges when an EOT (End Of Term) is processed, a refund occurs, a chargeback occurs, or when a cancellation occurs - which would later result in a delayed Auto-EOT by FixMyGolfSwing.

FixMyGolfSwing will not process an EOT (End Of Term) until the User has completely used up the time they paid for. In other words, if a User signs up for a monthly Subscription on Jan 1st, and then cancels your Subscription on Jan 15th; technically, they should still be allowed to access the site for another 15 days, and then on Feb 1st, the time they paid for has completely elapsed. At that time, FixMyGolfSwing will remove your Membership privileges; by either demoting them to a Free Subscriber, or deleting your account from the system (based on your configuration). FixMyGolfSwing also calculates one extra day (24 hours) into its equation, just to make sure access is not removed sooner than a Customer might expect.


Suspension / Pause Billing

A Recurring Profile (i.e. for billing on the PayPal side), can be suspended manually by the admin. So you can contact [email protected] via contact us or personal email, and this serves as a way to pause billing for a specific customer. That is, if you suspend billing, the admin will stop all your access in the website and customer stops future billing for that access, until such time as the Recurring Profile on the PayPal side of things is placed back into a active status.

There is an additional scenario where the PayPal system itself will place a Recurring Profile into a suspended state automatically. This occurs whenever a customer’s payment fails over and over again. In this scenario, if the customer’s payment fails repeatedly, and PayPal suspends future billing automatically, FixMyGolfSwing will force an EOT (End Of Term), and access to the site will be denied.