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November 10, 2016
Fix My Golf Swing Golf Tours

Join me at the Magical Millbrook in Queenstown New Zealand 10-16 NOV 2019

April 17, 2014

How to play the ‘Horse’ putting game

This is a great game to improve your short putting. You play it with a friend and it should take about 20 minutes so you can […]
  • Shirley
    "Hi Anne, Thank you so much for your feedback on the first pitching videos I sent you. Your comments were really helpful!  I have now attached two more videos, where my swing is a lot shorter and I am concentrating on the V and the Y. I am also trying to turn my shoulders a bit more and have the weight on my left foot.   It's amazing how much a video can help with your game! I haven't done this before and am really enjoying the course." Shirley
  • Linda B
    "Hi Anne, I have watched a lot of youtube videos over the years, but it is hard to find exactly the information I need. This course is so well structured and easy to follow. The chart on how to judge distance with the longer pitches is worth the price alone. It makes knowing what club to choose so much easier. Heading out to do some practise now. Thanks Anne Linda B
    Linda B
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