NEW 4 Week Putting Course - Fix My Golf Swing

Welcome to the Anne Rollo Golf 4 week putting course

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How to use this course

Before you start the course.

"I wasn't interested in making every putt... I put myself in a position so I wouldn't three-putt."


Week 1 videos: Putting Basic Set Up and Stroke

How to grip the putter correctly

Other options for your putting grip

Basic set up for putting

The putting stroke

What to do after week 1:

After you have watched the videos on the grip, set up and stroke, spend some time practising either at home or at your club and get comfortable with the feel.

It may feel different to what you have been doing and if you go straight out and play it will feel strange and can be off putting to start with.

So spend some time at home on the carpet getting the feel for the new techniques and also head out to your local golf putting green at your own club or where ever you normally practise your putting. You can even go to a local putt putt/mini golf course if you dont have anything close to you in terms of a real green.

Leave your putter in a corner at home and every time you walk past it pick it up and do 10 minutes of practise. Just don't forget to take it to golf with you next time you go!

Please also feel free to send me a video of your putting stroke at this time and I can check that all your basics are sound before you move on in the course.

Week 2 videos: Short Putts and how to hole more of them.

Short Putts: Whats important to know.

Using the line on the ball to get your putterface square.

Short putting drill No. 1

Short putting drill No. 2 The circle drill

The ladder drill for short putts

5 cent piece drill

5 minute short putting challenge.

You can use your feet to judge distance

What to do after week 2:

Spend some time using the drills and games for short putts. Either at home on the carpet or at your club. This practise will be similar to the practise after week one but you should be more comfortable with the tehcnique now and can start to get some real practise in and feel much more confident standing over those short putts. Stay conscious of the good technique, its still early stages the goal is to have it become second nature so you dont have to think about it.

Week 3 videos: Longer putts and how to get them close

How to judge distance on your long putts

My secret from the tour tip

Distance control drills: The ladder drill

'Look and React Drill': great for improving distance control

What to do after week 3:

This practise cannot be done at home as the long putts are focusing on distance control and judgement of speed. A carpet won't generally resemble the speed of a green so no point getting used to a certain speed and then having to recalibrate when you get to the course.

Having said that good technique and regular practise will allow you to quickly move from a slow putting surface to a faster one and back again on different courses as long as you have time on the pactise green before each game but generally a carpet is too far removed from a real green speedwise to be of any use.

*This also assumes that the practise putting green is the same speed as those out on the course and this is not always the case, but should be.

So head out to your course and try out some of the practise games and drills and remember to LOOK and REACT so that you can quickly hone your distance control and feel and dramatically reduce those scores.

Week 4 Videos: Reading Greens and Mental Tips for Better Putting

How to read greens

What is the Aimpoint method of green reading?

What is plumb bobbing and how to do it.

Why you need a pre putting routine.

What are the yips and how to get rid of them.

3 practical tips to fix the yips right now.

10 minute pre game putting warm up suggestion

How to choose a putter.

What to do after week 4:

Now we are going to put it all together and get out onto the practise green on a regular basis.

Work out how much time you have to spare for putting practise per week, lets say its 2 hours per week for the first month. This might not be the case, on going, but good to do as much practise as possible while its all fresh in your mind.

Allocate the 2 hours to either 4 half an hour sessions (best) or 2 one hour sessions (not quite as good but still very beneficial)

Then work out some fun practise sessions, use the suggested sessions at the bottom of the page. Make up some of your own, play a 6 hole course on the putting green, challenge your friends.

You should be counting your putts each time you play now, make a little mark on your card or on your phone when you play, knowledge is power.

Good luck with it and keep me posted as to how you are going.

Bonus section: Common mistakes, choosing a putter and suggested practise schedules.

Common mistakes compilation.

My favourite training aids

How to choose a putter.

How a metronome can improve putting tempo

How to play on newly cored greens

Should you putt from off the green?

10 minute practise schedule: Same as warm up.

Print off available HERE

30 minute suggested practise session:
-5 Minutes short putts, start close to the hole and work on your stroke and tempo
-5 minutes mid range putts (3 to 4 metres) same as above working on technique and tempo and keeping in mind the distance control is important here too
-5 minutes long putts, now working on feel and length of stroke and putt to a few different holes or targets.
-5 minutes circle drill
-5 minutes ladder drill (6 tees in the ground starting from one foot away and starting again if you miss)
-5 minutes long putting ladder drill ( try and beat your existing score) see video above
Print off available HERE

1 Hour suggested practise session:
Same as the 30 minute but make each session 10 minutes instead of 5 and mix up the drills to include, the 5 minute challenge or compete with a friend.
Print off available HERE

Course wrap up: What to do next.

Course Guarantee conditions:

We guarantee that you will reduce your no. of putts per round by 5 putts on at least one occasion within 3 months of completing the course as long as you satisfy the following conditions.

  1. You send me through your average putts per round within one week of purchasing the course.

2. You agree to the suggested practise times of twice per week or 2 hours per week for the 4 weeks of the course.