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How to play the 'Horse' putting game

April 17th, 2014

This is a great game to improve your short putting. You play it with a friend and it should take about 20 minutes so you can play it anytime, before or after you play or even at home on the carpet. We used to play it when we were on tour and it is great for simulating the pressure you feel on the course. Rules for the 'Horse' Putting game: Toss a coin to see who goes first, Player 1 has the advantage in this game. The winner of the toss, Player 1 then places her ball within a short distan[...]

Green Room Partners

January 28th, 2014

This is the list of golf businesses partnering with Anne Rollo Golf's Green Room membership program. As a member of the Green Room you have special access to these businesses at a substantial discount each and every time you use them. Squizzies Golf: 10% Discount Code Anne Rollo Squizzies is an online golf retailer specializing in golf balls but have many golf products available as is one of Australia's most popular online golf shops Click here to go to the Squizzys website Loudmou[...]

Ultimate New Zealand Golf Holiday NORTH AND SOUTH ISLANDS

January 15th, 2014

NOVEMBER 1st – 9th 2014 ALPG Golf professional and European Tour Tournament winner Anne Rollo has hand picked 5 of the top 10 golf courses in New Zealand including the No.1 Cape Kidnappers. ALL 5 of the courses we are playing are in the top 10 best in New Zealand Not only Cape Kidnappers but we will play Jacks Point, New Zealand’s NO.5 course, the famous Titirangi a New Zealand Open host, the scenic and multi award winning Millbrook, staying onsite to fully experience its beauty and no New Z[...]

Common Bunker Myths

January 6th, 2014

Some Common Bunker Myths Myth No.1 Lean on your left (front) foot in the bunker. This is wrong, you need to centre your weight so that you can transfer your weight back and then through. Starting with your weight forward makes this harder to do, so centre your weight at address in the bunker. Myth No.2 Grip down in the bunker This is also wrong, when you grip down you shorten the clubs length, if anything you want to lengthen the club in a bunker because the club needs to extend unde[...]

Don’t look at the ball in the bunker

January 6th, 2014

Try this tip next time you are in the bunker. If you tend to hit the ball first and send it sailing over the green rather than splash down into the sand, DONT LOOK AT THE BALL AT ALL, Look at the point about 2 inches behind the ball in hit down and follow through. After all thats the place that the club should enter the sand…. And remember the biggest reason for poor bunker shots is not following through….thats what lifts the ball up and out. So..hit down into the sand and follow thro[...]

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